1. Are motorcycles always subordinate to cars?

Definitely not. Motorcycles come with their own set of advantages over cars. The most common advantage is that the motor bike is more often cheaper to maintain and to insure compared to the automobile.

  1. What are other advantages to owning a motorcycle?

One other advantage to owning a motorcycle is that, compared to a car, owning a motorcycle can look cooler because it really shows that you are more connected with the road. Also, the motorcycle occupies more space, which makes parking an easier chore than it is with cars.

  1. Are there disadvantages to owning motorcycles?

Yes, despite the advantages, there are also quite a number of disadvantages. The strongest disadvantage is that driving a motorcycle often makes you more vulnerable when it comes to getting hit on the road, mainly because in the game of height and size, the motorcycle always takes the losing end.

  1. What is the first tip for maintaining the motorcycle?

To maintain your bike, the first thing you need to do is to read the manual. Make sure that you understand all of its parts, as well as how each part is related to the others. Make sure that you know your motorcycle by heart. This helps when you need to troubleshoot or solve some simple problems regarding your bike.

  1. What are other maintenance tips?

It would also be good if you make sure that you check your oil regularly, preferable annually. You have to ensure that your oil is regularly changed, because good oil helps to maintain the performance quality of your bike.

  1. When cleaning the motorcycle, is it advisable to use the rough cloth?

Definitely not. When cleaning your bike, it’s much better to use the soft cloth or even the sponge instead.

  1. What’s the first step to make cleaning the motorcycle easier?

First step of course, is to get rid of the loose dirt. You can do this by washing the motorcycle with cool water.